A yoga year: June

Inner wisdom. Trust.

Let life unfold

On recent mornings, I’ve awoken to a veiled world. The mist blurs the view, muffles sounds; a layer of vague bewilderment settles all around me. I check the weather forecast app on my phone to reassure myself that the sun is due to break through later. Because in the middle of the fog, it’s hard to trust that the shapes of the trees will soon be defined again, or that the path will be clear by lunchtime.

Out there by the fence that separates my garden from the field of mist beyond, there’s a peony bush. Heedless of the weather, in mist or in bright sunshine, the tight green buds continue their slow-motion miracle of swelling and bursting. How could so many thousands of fragrant petals be contained in such neat little spheres?

Petal upon petal upon petal, each unfolding exactly as it should.


Your yoga
This month, try waiting just a little bit longer than you think is possible. Take a few more breaths before you move on to the next posture – and then maybe a few more, just to see what happens. And if you can’t think what to do next, see how it feels to stay in the fog of uncertainty for a while – even if that means you spend your whole practise session lying in child’s pose.

The inner voice that drives our own unfolding in the world will not be hurried, and you can’t hear it when you’re pushing purposefully towards a predetermined goal. It’s often when you slow down and accept that you’re moving through fog that you begin to feel the petals unfolding. Acknowledge that the goal is unclear. Then wait.









You can also listen to this new guided relaxation, based on the Yoga Nidra tradition. The affirmation is, “I trust my inner wisdom. Everything is unfolding exactly as it should.”