Lucy_Greeves_BW1_lo My name is Lucy Greeves. I am a freelance writer and yoga teacher based in rural North Essex. I have written non-fiction books, articles and short films on a wide range of topics; for more information on my writing, visit lucygreeves.com. I have also contributed articles on yoga and wellbeing to Planet Mindful magazine and welldoing.org, among others. Over the last 20 years I have found yoga to be an indispensable companion to my writing career; I have been sharing my discoveries with students of all ages and levels of experience since 2008, and I hold a 500h teaching diploma from the British Wheel of Yoga.

Yoga is an amazing toolbox for life. By combining physical challenges with breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques and philosophical enquiry, it offers everyone the opportunity to uncover a stronger, more balanced body and a calmer, more open mind.

I believe that our natural condition is to be comfortable in our own skins; through yoga, I want to help my students rediscover this ‘happy body’ state. It is my aim that no-one should feel intimidated or defeated in my classes, but rather gently amazed by their own hidden possibilities.

I have been practising hatha yoga since 1999. During that time I’ve explored and been influenced by a number of schools, including viniyoga, astanga vinyasa, Iyengar and Scaravelli. Today, I owe a debt to each of these lineages; but time and again yoga has taught me that it’s bigger than any specific method, guru or teacher. Above all I seek to cultivate awareness, acceptance and gentleness, in my own practice and in my students. My main yoga mentors are Tara Fraser and James Jewell.

You can read more about why I practise and teach yoga in my yoga manifesto for troubling times.