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Arvon yoga retreat for writers, August 2019

I’m delighted to announce that I’m leading another yoga retreat for writers next summer at Totleigh Barton, the Arvon retreat centre in Devon. The theme for the week is “Find your balance, on and off the page”. Booking is now open on the Arvon website, here.   The course runs Monday 19th – Saturday 24th […]


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Yoga to beat the winter blues

  The winter issue of Planet Mindful magazine carries my article on Seasonal Affective Disorder and its milder variants, like ‘the winter blues’ and ‘crying into the mince pies’. I interviewed a wise and generous yoga therapist, Dr Lisa Kaley-Isley, to get her take on the seasonal slump. She’s a psychoanalyst as well as a […]

SPILL ||pause|| – festival update & new download

Today I’m leading my first session of ||pause|| – the meditation and mindfulness slot at SPILL Festival in Ipswich. The festival launched on Thursday with a marathon, multi-location party which featured the world premiere of Clarion Call – powerfully sad siren songs echoing across the docks and the marina twice a day – the official […]

Kneeling vinyasa 1

Home practice for half term

The studio is closed for half term, so I’m not teaching tonight. I promised my Monday students that I’d upload something for you to do at home. So here’s the kneeling vinyasa (sequence) we practised last week. I hope you can see what my little stick people are doing! A couple of notes: ‘IN’ means […]

A yoga year: September

Back to school. The start of the academic year always brings a rush of busyness. As you can tell from the name of my website, I’m fascinated by the concept of “busy”. I think we’ve become addicted to being busy, and many of us are caught up in performing and communicating our busy-ness all day, […]


A yoga year: August

Abundance. Generosity. Sharing. It’s Lammastide: in pagan terms, the end of the summer. Time to bring in the harvest. The land is at its most productive. After the hard work of tilling, sowing and tending the crops, farmers are now reaping the rewards. In my own garden, the plums and grapes, cucumbers and corn are […]



A yoga year: July

Power. Self-regulation. Appropriate action. As the summer gets into its stride, many of us experience a corresponding surge of energy. Long, sunny days can make us feel invincible. Of course, for others it’s miserable. We wilt in the heat, long for a cooling shower of rain. The oversupply of solar energy feels too much. And […]