Data privacy notice (GDPR)

This notice explains what information I collect, why I collect it and how it is used. I do not use your data for any other purposes, and I will not share it with third parties unless I am legally obliged to do so, or have specific permission from you.

Yoga for Busy Minds is a website maintained by me, Lucy Greeves. I use this site to share information about my yoga classes, retreats and workshops, blog about yoga and related topics, and make guided relaxation tracks available.

In order to share my latest news with people who might be interested, I periodically send email newsletters highlighting updates to the website. For this purpose I maintain a mailing list, which consists of full names and email addresses only. Anyone can join this mailing list via the website. Students who attend my courses, retreats or workshops are also added to this list, but can choose whether or not to receive my newsletters.

I generally use Direct Mail for Mac to send these emails. You can read about their data security here. The mailing list is also stored on my password-protected laptop computer and back-up drive.

I conduct a “spring clean” of my mailing list at least once a year, deleting permanently the names and email addresses of anyone who has not opened an email in the last 12 months.

In addition, you are welcome to unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link on one of my emails.

Student health info
If you attend one of my courses, workshops or retreats, you may be asked to fill in a health questionnaire. This is always optional, but the purpose is to collect information that will help me to teach you safely in my yoga class – for example, details of any relevant injuries or health conditions, and information about previous experience with yoga or other physical activities. Depending on the venue where the event takes place, the studio owner, manager or staff may also have access to your information; I will tell you this when you fill in the questionnaire.

I understand that some health and lifestyle information is of a very sensitive nature, and will always hold it in confidence unless you ask me to share it – for example, if you want me to refer you to another teacher or therapist. If you send the information electronically, it lives on my password-protected laptop and in my Gmail inbox. If you fill in a paper form, it lives among my personal papers while on retreat, and in my filing cabinet thereafter. I hold this information for 6 years after we finish working together, and delete it thereafter.

If you have any further questions or want me to delete your data, you can contact me at or call 01206 322 146.