Hold the front page. No, hang on – make that page 15.


Yup, we finally made it. Page 15 of the Harwich and Manningtree Standard. That’s me with Lou Hart, my friend and partner-in-yoga, who owns Dedham Retreats (the studio where I teach).

But seriously – I’m glad they picked up our press release, because it is really important to both of us that the studio is an inclusive and safe space where all sorts of people can practise yoga.

Given our location – in an affluent East Anglian village, with an overwhelmingly white British population – there isn’t a great deal of cultural diversity in the community we serve. But there is a huge range in terms of age and level of physical fitness. Our current students range from 14 to 81. We run beginners’ courses that are designed to ease people into yoga, and give them the knowledge and skills they need to stay safe and confident when they move on to a general class.

We’re working on opening up physical access – our beautiful studio is on the first floor, and installing a lift in a listed building is not really an option, but we are exploring ways to offer ground-floor chair yoga classes in 2019. We’re also on the hunt for a really good kids’ yoga teacher. And most of all, we’re committed to demystifying yoga and putting its benefits within reach for whoever comes through the doors.