Introducing ||pause|| – a mini meditation festival

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SPILL ||pause||
Adventures in meditation and mindfulness
26 Oct – 3rd Nov 2018

As part of the SPILL Festival of Performance (Ipswich, 26th Oct-4th Nov 2018), I’m bringing a bunch of brilliant teachers together to share all sorts of techniques for contemplation, relaxation and self-discovery.

Every morning of the Festival, from 10-11am, you can join us for a free meditation class at the SPILL Central venue (next door to Ipswich Town Hall).


Fri 26 Oct            Mindfulness and More            Dayasara

Sat 27 Oct           Move into Stillness                 Lucy Greeves

Sun 28 Oct          Relax, Reconnect, Focus       Tom Laughton

Mon 29 Oct         Move into Stillness                  Lou Hart

Tue 30 Oct          Mindfulness and More             Dayasara

Wed 31 Oct         Move into Stillness                  Lou Hart

Thu 1 Nov           Mindfulness and More             Dayasara

Fri 2 Nov             Relax, Reconnect, Focus        Tom Laughton

Sat 3 Nov            Deep Relaxation                      Lucy Greeves

Session types:

Move into Stillness
Gentle movement and stretching will prepare you for short periods of seated meditation, using techniques from the yoga tradition. We’ll explore different ways to use breath, body awareness and mantra to focus our attention and manage our energy.

Mindfulness and More
Buddhism is the starting point for modern mindfulness techniques; it also offers a rich variety of seated and moving contemplation practices. Find the one that speaks to you, whether it’s the mindfulness of breathing, cultivating positive emotion (Metta Bhavana), walking meditation, or even eating as meditation.

Relax, Reconnect, Focus
Take part in guided visualisation exercises drawn from psychotherapy and personal development, designed to help you get in touch with your authentic self and create meaningful change.

Deep Relaxation
End the festival by taking a deeply restorative journey home, with a long guided relaxation designed to replenish your mind and body.


Lucy Greeves is a writer and yoga teacher with a particular interest in using movement, meditation and relaxation to soothe anxiety and unlock creativity. She has been teaching these techniques to groups and individuals for over ten years. Since 2012, Lucy has led yoga retreats for writers on behalf of the Arvon Foundation. She currently writes about yoga and related topics for Planet Mindful magazine and her own blog at

Lou Hart is a highly experienced yoga and mindfulness teacher whose intuitive, empathetic teaching style draws on a broad knowledge of Eastern philosophies. She is the founder of Dedham Retreats, a boutique yoga studio with rooms in the beautiful Stour Valley that offers high-quality yoga, pilates and meditation teaching to the local community, as well as workshops and residential retreats:

Dr Martin Hillary (Dayasara) has been teaching meditation for 17 years. He is an ordained Buddhist, and his PhD is on aspects of Buddhism and long-term care. He is pleased to be offering Pause sessions at Spill Central. He will be taking a flexible approach, aiming to ensure that each session is beneficial in itself and provides a good set-up for festival events through the rest of the day.

Tom Laughton is a coach and facilitator who inspires individuals and groups to create the changes that they want to see in their professional and personal lives. He has over 10,000 hours’ experience of group leadership, 1:1 coaching and therapeutic personal development facilitation. With a background in change management, Tom has worked both in the corporate and public sectors the UK and across Europe.