The Slow Yoga Revolution

An article I wrote appears in the first issue of Planet Mindful magazine. It’s a celebration of the slower, quieter forms of yoga that don’t get a look-in on Instagram. Have a look here: Read ‘The Slow Yoga Revolution’ The magazine is on sale now in WHSmith and major supermarkets. It’s a beautifully designed publication, […]



A yoga year: January

Each month in 2018 I’ll be posting some suggestions to align outlook, inner work and yoga practice with the turning year. JANUARY Patience. Watching. Discrimination. How is 2018 treating you so far? Every time the first day of January rolls around, my body insists that it isn’t time to start a new year yet. I […]

New Year, new yoga home

I’m delighted to announce my return to yoga teaching after an 18 month break. I haven’t been idle: in 2014 I moved away from London after more than 15 years, and in 2015 I had a baby boy. My family is now based in Dedham, a gorgeous village on the Essex/Suffolk border in the heart […]

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May workshop: get fired up with Flying Dragons

Sometimes, a busy mind responds best to a quiet, passive practice: slowing the breath, withdrawing the senses, calming the body. And sometimes, you just have to let off some steam…* Anyone who’s ever enjoyed a dynamic, challenging yoga class knows that one of the best ways to ‘switch off’ mental chatter is to become completely […]

Why taking a screen break is good for your soul

The four-day Easter weekend was, for me, a heaven-sent opportunity to step away from my desk. I didn’t manage to leave all my gadgets behind: the iPhone and the iPad insisted on coming with me to Scotland. I know that, as a yoga teacher, I’m expected to set an example in these matters and believe […]



Swing low, get high

Or, What happened when I tried Aerial Yoga 30 New Road is a narrow, unremarkable terraced house in Whitechapel, a stone’s throw from the Royal London Hospital and the bustle of the street market on the Whitechapel Road. To ring the doorbell marked “Aerial Yoga London” seems fanciful. You could imagine coming here to visit […]

Yoga for your whole life

From baby yoga to chair-based yoga for pensioners: there’s a yoga class for every age and stage of life. When you approach yoga with the right mindset, it’s a truly ‘whole life’ practice that will sustain you throughout the decades. But different times in life call for different types of yoga practice. What suits the […]



Spring time? Wait for it…

On beginnings and endings Of all the seasons, Spring has the most obviously literal name. It conjures bonking bunnies and bursting buds, an uncoiling, an explosive start. Spring is all about action, growth, impulse. Most of us, as the days begin to lengthen and the ground begins to warm, feel a corresponding surge of energy. […]


Workshop this Saturday, March 1st

Do you sometimes find it challenging to concentrate on a single task for a long period? Do you like the idea of meditation in theory, but find that in practice the more you sit still, the more your mind gets busy? Do you want to do more yoga or meditation at home, but have difficulty […]