SPILL ||pause|| – festival update & new download

Today I’m leading my first session of ||pause|| – the meditation and mindfulness slot at SPILL Festival in Ipswich. The festival launched on Thursday with a marathon, multi-location party which featured the world premiere of Clarion Call – powerfully sad siren songs echoing across the docks and the marina twice a day – the official launch of the Turned Red Earth installation, and the ceremonial installation of Mark Offord’s beautiful Bad News Boat, which will form the centrepiece of next Saturday’s Pyre Parade. It’s going to be an amazing communal ritual where we burn bad news and clear space for new possibilities.

If you’re anywhere near Ipswich, I urge you to come down and soak up the festival atmosphere: there’s all sorts going on down at the Waterfront, and at SPILL Central (just behind the Town Hall) there’s a super vegetarian cafe (a pop up by the Museum Street people) – and, of course, free meditation every day from 10-11am.

Here’s the schedule, and you can read more about it in this post.

Sat 27         Move into Stillness                Lucy Greeves
Sun 28        Relax, Reconnect, Focus      Tom Laughton
Mon 29       Move into Stillness                Lou Hart
Tue 30        Mindfulness and More           Dayasara
Wed 31       Move into Stillness                Lou Hart
Thu 1          Mindfulness and More           Dayasara
Fri 2            Relax, Reconnect, Focus      Tom Laughton
Sat 3           Deep Relaxation                    Lucy Greeves

I made a recording of one of the practices I’ll be teaching today – a brief (15 min) mantra meditation which I find helps me get a better sense of perspective on whatever’s going on. I hope you like it.