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A series of Saturday sessions in Clapton, East London

Calling all weary desk-jockeys, stressed-out multi-taskers and monkey-minded creatives!

If you spend a lot of time ‘in your head’ but don’t want to forget about your body, these workshops are designed for you. Mindful, accessible yoga that helps you de-clutter both mind and body, making more space for creativity and easeful living.

To book, email lucy[at]lucygreeves[dot]com or call
Yoga Body Centre on 020 8986 6666 or 07985 927 668


TIME: Saturdays 3-5.30pm
DATES: 1st March, 26th April, 31st May 2014
PRICE: £20 in advance, £25 drop-in (YBC regulars can pay with 2 x stamps on your class card)

PLACE: Yoga Body Centre, 3rd Floor Regal House
152-156 Lower Clapton Road, Clapton Pond, London E5 0QJ

Bus Routes: 38, 253, 106, 55, 254, 48, 56, 488, 242, 393.
Overground Stations: Clapton, Hackney Downs and Hackney Central.

About the yoga
I’m interested in the ways in which physical movement can help us transition into stillness. The physical elements of the workshops are not particularly sweaty or strenuous, and should therefore suit most levels of experience and physical fitness, though I will assume that participants have some familiarity with yoga postures and breathing.

We’ll concentrate on gentle asana sequences to stretch, strengthen and stabilise – with emphasis on unlocking desk-bound bodies as well as quietening busy minds. We will also work with breathing, concentration and meditation techniques, and the use of visualisation and imagery – all ways to access deeper mind-body connections. Each session will include a seated meditation or concentration practice and finish with an extended period of guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra).

Each workshop has a different theme, and you can take any one as a standalone class. They are also designed to complement and build on each other, so you can treat the three sessions as a short course if you wish.


Saturday 1st March, 3-5.30pm

Three, Two…One With Everything
Using counting and repetition to ease into stillness

Something special happens when we surrender to the steady, constant rhythm of counting our movements and our breaths during a yoga practice. The mind – occupied with the simple but strangely demanding task of counting – grows quiet. The body encounters itself in habitual patterns, and gets a chance to adjust them. Awareness wanders, returns, grows calmer and brighter. This is a chance to explore your mind and body through an extended session working with posture, breath and attention.


Saturday 26th April, 3-5.30pm

Time for a digital detox?
Soft-focus living in a world full of hardware

In the second workshop of the series, we’ll be using techniques from yoga to explore and address the physical and mental symptoms of our constant interactions with technology – cars, smartphones, computers, TV. These gadgets bring us incredible benefits, and there’s no question that our touchscreens are here to stay. But can we learn to live more mindfully and comfortably with the digital world? Yoga offers useful pointers as to how we might stay in charge, instead of letting the tech take over.


Saturday 31st May, 3-5.30pm – WORKSHOP CANCELLED due to unforeseen circumstances

Apologies for any inconvenience – I’ll reschedule as soon as possible and offer a discount to anyone disappointed this time around. Sunday drop-in class will take place as usual on 1st June, 10.30-noon.

Spring into Balance
Playing with spirals and balancing points

We’ll celebrate the helter-skelter of spring with a playful session of spiraling and balancing postures, looking for the still point at the centre of the swirl. Balancing challenges us to be grounded and spacious, suspended between effort and gravity, between heaven and earth. Finding calm is not a case of shutting down or giving up the movement and colour in our lives, just as meditation is not about ‘emptying the mind’. It’s learning to mind the gaps: to find the space and ease in between thoughts, in between actions.

The centrepiece of the asana work will be Paul Grilley’s “Flying Dragons” – a graceful, exhilarating sequence that demands balance and control as well as strength and fluidity. (Watch a video here.) We’ll warm down afterwards with a series of assisted stretches and ‘yin-style’ passive postures, before finishing with a long Yoga Nidra.

The longer session will allow you to build up safely to a strong, dynamic practice and give you plenty of time to learn unfamiliar transitions or postures; however, the workshop is not suitable for complete beginners. Contact me beforehand if you’re unsure.


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